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United Indigenous Sovereignty Organization has been at the fore front of the battle for Indigenous svereignty for several years. Uiso's server went down recently and bumped us offline for a while. The result was a total loss of data from the web site. The good news is, we are back on line and there is a backup of the database saved to my computer. The bad news is that it might take me a while to get it working on a new web site and the new server.

One Nation Lies offers hard facts and factual information on Indian issues such as gaming, sovereignty, self determination and the inherent rights of Native peoples.

Terral, IT 1907 An insightful look into the past. Cirriculum and 1907 period advertisements from Terral. IT. School lets out for cotton harvest and resumes after harvest. A long but interesting read.

One Nation's Lies is a Blog version of the One Nation Lies web site. But, it doesn't have the same content as the One Nation Lies site. Check it out when you can.

Censored and Under-Reported News is a Blog published by Brenda Norrell. It's real and it reports on the plight of Indigenous everywhere. You won't find these stories on CNN or Fox News. You won't be sorry if you give this one a look.

David Yeagly dot Org tells the real story of what American Indians as a whole think of the Bad Eagle. "David 'Pole-dances-for-white-guys' Yeagley...he's as far from being Comanche as Tonto was being a real representation of Indians." "Mr. 'Bad Eagle,' the original hang-around-the-fort, anti-sovereignty supporting, pro-mascot uncle tomahawk himself. (and those are the NICE things I've said about him in the past.) He never grew up anywhere near our community...I have no love for that traitor." Gerald Tieyah, self-described Comanche nationalist.

Three Hawks Trading Company offers a veritable smorgasboard of American Indian items that are made by American Indians.
Partnered with and featuring art work by Jeff Yellowhair, Kiowa - Apache Artist of Oklahoma, we offer a variety of products decorated with his beautiful and inspired Traditional Native American Indian Art and Native American Church Art. Some gift giving ideas you'll find are Original Paintings by Jeff Yellowhair, Timothy Tate Nevaquaya and Enoch Kelly Haney, Prints, Cards, Votive Candle Holders, Decorative Art Magnets, Coffee Mugs, T-shirts and Drawstring tobacco bags. You will also find cedar boxes, ribbon shirts, handcrafted and hand painted items such as feathers, ball caps and miniature water buckets plus more as available.

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